Sunday, October 2, 2011

I admit it, I am addicted...

It's been quite obvious to me in recent weeks that I have a new addiction, and I've heard that admitting your 'problem' is the first step at recovery. Although I'm thinking recovery is a long ways off - actually, I don't think I even want to recover!

I've discovered Pinterest! I love every minute I spend on it. I find new ideas for me, for our home, recipes, activities to do with my daughter and more! I love that Pinterest gives me a vitural pinboard - a way to organize and share all the beautiful things, recipes and ideas that are on the web (or in magazines!) Perhaps now, I won't need to keep stacks of my favorite magazines throughout my house. Not only do I enjoy browsing other peoples pinboards, but I just LOVE using their great ideas to attempt in my own way!

The past few weeks, I've completed a few projects that I've found on Pinterest and made a number of recipes that I've discovered! While the vast majority have been hits, some have admittedly been failures. After trial and error on my husband and daughter - I've decided to detail my new passion here!

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